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Orų Stotelė National Geographic Basic Weather Station
This Weather Station features a modern design and clearly structured display, despite its compact dimensions. The display shows weather trends and indoor and outdoor temperature for upcoming days, as&..
Orų Stotelė National Geographic Temeotrend Weather Station WFS
Unlike many home-use weather stations, which may only show you values for temperature, humidity and weather trends, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC offers a whole range of meteorological data.Despite the weal..
Orų Stotelė National Geographic Thermo- Hygrometer 4 Measuring Ranges
FeaturesSatellite-based:NoWeather Forecast:NoWake Up Function:NoDisplayTemperature:YesTemperature Indicator:°C / °FHumidity:YesPossibility of Rainfall:NoDate:NoMonth:NoWeekday:NoTime:NoAlarm Time:NoMo..
Orų Stotelė National Geographic Weather Station multi colour
Colours up your life! The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC wireless weather station is equipped with a 256 colour display. You decide whether you prefer to select yourself a colour or to have the colour changed de..
Orų Stotelė National Geographic Weather Station transparent
The National Geographic wireless weather station Translucidus connects large digits on a futuristic-transparent display with a simple and elegant stand. The operating elements have been placed on the ..
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